Gotham Interns

Welcome to the Gotham Writers Intern Blog. On this blog you can read about the Gotham intern experience including class reviews, daily intern life, and other literary and cultural musings. Below you can read a little more about each of the four of us.



Screen shot 2016-09-13 at 4.14.45 PM.png Ally Sass graduated from the University of Vermont in May of 2015 with a B.A. in Theatre and English. She has since been living in New York City where she has been lucky enough to direct her own one-act play entitled, The Parade, and perform in various productions. She was drawn to Gotham for many reasons, one of which being the want to work alongside other caring and passionate writers. Her aim is to write and direct more pieces for the stage and further develop her voice as a storyteller. Things she enjoys: humor, reading, sleeping, carbohydrates, and gorillas.  Things she doesn’t enjoy: mysterious liquids that drip on you as you walk down any New York City sidewalk.


screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-3-16-20-pmHallye Webb grew up on a farm in central Wisconsin and recently moved to New York City after living in Boulder, Colorado for a year. In 2015, she graduated with degrees in Theatre and American Literature from Northwestern University, where her thesis explored agrarian mythology in Dust Bowl-era memoir and fiction. In addition to reading everything in sight, Hallye can be found painting, writing about precocious children, baking and cooking (read: eating), dancing to Celia Cruz in her bedroom, and dreaming about the Great Outdoors. You can see her artwork here, and follow her on Instagram at hallyewebb.


pinkmeSyeda Lee is a 24-year-old Staten Island Native breaking free of a post-grad hiatus. She graduated from Brandeis University with a BA in Creative Writing and Psychology, plus one poetry thesis: Tales of Violent Sunshine. While wading through uncertainty, she dove into the tumultuous world of the entertainment industry and bumbled her way into freelancing as a Script Supervisor; which turns out to be the most complicated job on set, and also her favorite (though Wardrobe is a close 2nd).  She finds herself at Gotham to learn the TV writing form and to be surrounded once again by writerly peeps. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, dance classes, exploring events in city, reading consecutively, and obsessively watching cartoons.


10606369_10202802810413718_985911388384991439_nJosh Sippie is a graduate of the University of Central Missouri where he double-majored in History and English. He is the co-editor of Pain in the Arsenal, where he turns his tormented fandom of Arsenal into written word so the British public can ridicule him for being too American. When it comes to creative writing, he focuses on delivering novels full of humor and wit, the absurdity of humanity, and maybe some meaning as well, if there’s room. He is a proud NaNoWriMo winner for a work that he wrote in 2009, although he has not touched said work since. When he’s not writing, he enjoys the outdoors, kayaking, rock climbing and the like. His favorite author is Charles Dickens, and so is yours, even if you don’t know it yet.



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